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Paint and Primer: Myth vs Reality.


Not a day goes by anymore that I am not asked for “paint with primer inside of the can.” The answer to this question is a lot more complicated than the “big box” stores would like you to think. What people are looking for is one tool that will do it all much like the trusty Swiss Army knife. The problem with the paint and primer in one label is that not all primers are created equal. We carry primers to seal dry wall, seal wood, block stains, block odor, fill porous block, stick to glossy surfaces, etc. Some primers can do more than one of these things but color blocking is about all you can expect from multiple coats of any top coat. If you read the fine print on the paint and primer combos most of them will only cover previously painted surfaces in good condition. These are cases where good quality paint will already do a great job. When running into anything more complicated you are still going to need a separate primer designed for your specific situation.

Paint and primer in one is not entirely a marketing gimmick because these new paints cover better to hide an old color in less coats compared to the same companies previous products. The main thing to know is that by using high quality paint like Miller Paint or Devine you will get very similar results to paints that are advertising paint and primer in one.


Jason S. – Kearney Location

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