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For The Best Color Selection - Visit Your Local Miller Paint Location

As a paint salesman I see customers everyday looking to add color to their homes. Some of these customers have been using the powerful suite of online tools available in our digital age. While these tools are excellent at certain functions such as determining how much paint a given project requires they often fall short in helping people make the right color decision for their homes. The reason for this is that color as it appears on a PC screen is at the mercy of the screen’s resolution. What looks like a light gray green on a screen can be a bright pastel mint green in the store!

This is not to say that all Internet color tools are useless. They can be very helpful in defining a general color or color scheme for a customer’s home. Tools like the Miller Paint Virtual Painter can help customers visualize trim and wall colors in combination and help narrow their search. I advise all my in store customers to try out any number of color combinations online. Worry about the specifics after you know that you don’t like three blue walls with a red accent wall. When you find a great combination get some swatches at the store or a sample quart and double check that it’s perfect. After all monitors aren’t the only things that change color. The lighting in your house will change color too! When you’re happy with the color I’ll make the gallon(s) and get you on the road to your painting adventure.

Josh, Tigard Location

Still having trouble deciding on the perfect color combination that sings to you?

As always, please take advantage of the Ask a Designer program offered at many of our Portland and Seattle Metro store locations. We have local area designers in a select number of our stores to help you! Visit our website at under “Ask a Designer” and see the locations and times for this free service!

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