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Monthly Archives: October 2011


When Choosing Colors… Try Following Nature

A customer came in looking for a color to go with her medium toned yellow bed room furniture.

She wanted something bold and fun but it also had to be soft.  She did not want it to be another yellow.

We came across a color called “Temptress #1144” it is a melon colored rose.

It went well with her furniture which was painted in Miller Acrinamel satin finish the color is “First Day of School #0924”.

At first I was hesitant to say go ahead it will work, until I remembered a rose in my yard. The rose that came to mind is Jacob’s Ladder, a climbing rose.  The two paint colors are a close match to the flower.

I figured if it works well in my yard it might do the same for my customer.  I told her my thoughts, she was very excited.  She purchased two gallons in the Miller Evolution Matte finish and went home to paint.

Susan (the customer) came back a few days later with a photo. She was very happy and stated it is now her most favorite room ever!  Oh Happy Day.










Karen – Murray Rd Miller Paint

Bring Fall Colors Indoor This Season

Bring Fall Colors Indoors This Season!

As the weather cools, and the leaves change color we know the fall season is upon us.  Football games, and crisp mornings greet us for the day.  Some of us will soon be gathering for Thanksgiving feasts with our family and friends.  What better way to savor the season than to bring some of that feeling inside our homes to enjoy?

The warm colors and smells of the fall are bursting outside.  Bring them inside and enjoy them on even those wet rainy days… Whether it be with pumpkins, leaves, flowers, spicy scented candles, or even add a pop of color to an accent wall with the warmth of the color of hot apple cider, or the richness of a fiery red leaf just about to fall from the tree…

Let Miller Paint help you find your perfect fall shades!

Need Color Advice?

Need Help With Color?…Ask a Designer

Many Miller Paint customers know they want to paint their house, but find that choosing their colors can be an intimidating decision. This is not a problem! Select Miller Paint locations host an interior designer during business hours on the first Saturday of every month. Consultations are free, however hours vary by location. Typically each location will have a design team on hand for three hours giving 20 minute introductory color consults. Sessions are generally on a first come first served basis, though calling ahead to set an appointment can ensure your questions are answered.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect shade of blue or want advice on making your colors work in your room these Northwest award winning design mavens can help. Check out event locations and times by going to, click on the “Homeowners” tab, and then click on the “Ask a Designer” link.

If you need color help immediately you need not wait till the next month’s first Saturday. Just stop into anyone of our Miller Paint locations and talk to one of our salespeople. While we aren’t design experts we are color experts. We’ve helped many a customer find the right color to bring out the “Wow!” in a room. Whether it’s matching a bedspread, finding the perfect accent color, or choosing a color that brings out the hues in your hardwoods we can help!

Our Kearney Store Manager and I were recently allowed on set at the new NBC series Grimm.  If you haven’t had a chance to check this one out, enjoy detective/suspense shows a la CSI or NCIS and maybe like a little fantasy as well, then you certainly should!  (video)

Grimm is being shot exclusively in Portland. Even better,  they’re not going to hide the fact that they’re in Portland! It is always cool to see us on TV with other shows such as Leverage and Free Agent,  but it’ll be even better to see locally recognizable places such as McMenamin’s without it being disguised.

Miller Paint is the primary supplier for paint and coatings on the Grimm set.  And let me tell you, it is AMAZING what they can do with our products!  Yes, of course, the painted walls and colors all look great.  But what’s more amazing is all the faux wood graining.  2×4’s are wood grained and then coated with a shellac mix to give it near perfect look.  Even as I was walking through the set, the trim in the houses looked nearly identical to the craftsman homes of the Portland area that have 80 year old timbers in them.

NBC's Grimm Used Miller Paint To Create Amazing Sets

And the sets themselves – what else can I say but WOW!  While it wasn’t my first time on a filming set, the details and appearances are always amazing.  From the morgue, to the police station, to the airstream trailer, it’s always just astounding to see something that looks so realistic when filmed turn out to be a bunch of 2×4’s and plywood.  Talk about the power of paint and decorating…not to mention the incredible skills of the set designers!

It was great to see 30+ cans of Miller Paint sitting on their shelves, waiting to be used later.  The entire crew is proud to be local and buying local.  One of the set painters we met was even a former painter for one of our bigger customers!  Small world, huh!

Our tour guide for the day, Scenic Lead Jo Brown, was quick to point out just how appreciative the entire crew is for the opportunity to work for what looks like a show with some real potential, and how much of that opportunity was because of Oregon’s Filming Incentive.  Without getting too political, this seems like a great program and we’re happy to be on the receiving end of the business.  In the end, all I know is that when you buy local, hire local, and take advantage of what the Northwest has provided us, you can’t go wrong!

Dan – Marketing

Visit Miller Paint For All Of Your Stain Matching Needs!

Oftentimes customers come to one of our many Miller Paint locations with a desire to match new wood to a wood color in their home. There are many types of wood and they all take a stain’s color differently. This means that if a customer wants a specific wood color for their home they MUST bring us both the color to be matched and a piece of the wood that is going to be stained. It doesn’t matter if the project is a deck, a door, or baseboards without these two items a good match is unlikely.

The next thing a customer needs is time. Oil base stains take 24 hours to dry. Therefore a store needs at least a day to make a great match.  Don’t wait till the last minute on a stain match!

There are other things to take into consideration when beginning a custom stain project. For example woods that have strong undertones, like cedar, or woods that don’t accept stain well, like pine, may require additional steps to achieve the look you’re searching for. Woods like pine that don’t accept stain well often have to be treated with wood conditioners like Old Masters Wood Conditioner or Benite to aid stain penetration or they may appear blotchy. Woods with strong undertones may require two separate color coats of stain to achieve the desired color otherwise those undertones can discolor the stain.

The final item to consider is whether or not the customer will clear coat the stain. Clear coats improve protection yet they slightly alter the stain color. Sharing whether you’re clear coating your stained wood with the Miller Paint employee doing your stain match helps ensure a great match for your home.

Josh, Tigard Location