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Need Color Advice?

Need Help With Color?…Ask a Designer

Many Miller Paint customers know they want to paint their house, but find that choosing their colors can be an intimidating decision. This is not a problem! Select Miller Paint locations host an interior designer during business hours on the first Saturday of every month. Consultations are free, however hours vary by location. Typically each location will have a design team on hand for three hours giving 20 minute introductory color consults. Sessions are generally on a first come first served basis, though calling ahead to set an appointment can ensure your questions are answered.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect shade of blue or want advice on making your colors work in your room these Northwest award winning design mavens can help. Check out event locations and times by going to, click on the “Homeowners” tab, and then click on the “Ask a Designer” link.

If you need color help immediately you need not wait till the next month’s first Saturday. Just stop into anyone of our Miller Paint locations and talk to one of our salespeople. While we aren’t design experts we are color experts. We’ve helped many a customer find the right color to bring out the “Wow!” in a room. Whether it’s matching a bedspread, finding the perfect accent color, or choosing a color that brings out the hues in your hardwoods we can help!

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