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Warm up your home for the holidays!  Beautiful designer wallpaper and window treatments are always available at Grand Avenue and are the perfect way to create the holiday home you have always imagined – you just need to add the aroma of cinnamon and holiday baking!

Wallcovering Book Selection At Our Grand Avenue Location

Our Grand Avenue location has the largest selection of designer wallpaper catalogs in the entire Northwest! Lots of times folks come in w/ magazine photos and we are able to direct them to the right book.  If you have seen it, we can probably locate it! We have even been able to custom reproduce papers for historic restorations!

Insulating Blinds and Window Treatments

Improve Your Homes Insulation With Miller Paint Window Treatments.

Brrrr…It’s cold and wet! Consider warming your house with insulatin window treatments available at our Grand Avenue Location!

- Grand Avenue Location

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