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While that color you picked out may look great in the store, it could look completely different once you apply it. The worst feeling in the world is picking a color, buying a gallon without testing it (or as we call it, “jumping in”), applying it, and coming back when it’s dry to find a completely different color than you were expecting. That can lead to more money spent to get the right looking color, and more time painting. This is why if you’re picking the color for the first time, we highly recommend testing before committing. It’s a good idea to put the sample up in your home where you can see it not only under good lighting from your house lights, but under different times of the day from the sunlight. An example would be to place the sample both near a window, and on the opposite wall.

Illuninant Metameric Failure

This same idea applies to matching a color sample, whether it is paint, another company’s color, or your favorite throw pillow. The term illuminant metameric failure is used to describe situations where two material samples match when viewed under one light source but not another. Basically what this means is: colors that match under one light source will often appear different under a different one.  Many times the completed match we give you looks great to us; but once you get it home it can look not so great to you. It’s a good idea when getting a match to take it home, test a small area, and let us know if there’s something that needs to be changed.

Our main goal is to make sure you get the color you’re looking for every time. We pride ourselves on our color skills, but ultimately, you’re the one who has to live with the color and we will do everything we can to help you be happy with your choice.

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