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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Tangerine is the Pantone color of the year!

And The Winner Is......Tangerine Tango!

The color of the year has been named by Pantone, (yes I realize its March and I’m a little late).  Tangerine Tango… Designers everywhere have shown use of this energizing color in interiors, wardrobes, and accessories in recent months.

Orange you say? Hmmm, how will I add this vibrant, bold, and sometimes intimidating color to my home? Good question.  I have a few ideas…

I would start small. Pillows, throws, or vases perhaps.  If you have a very neutral palette you can still throw in some Tangerine in a vase of tulips, or an old painted side chair or lamp.  But be careful, there can be too much of a good thing.  Too many of these accents in one room can be overwhelming.  Toning down your Tango with neutrals and patterns can help.  It’s also a good idea to spread the color evenly throughout the room instead of saturation in one area.  This is a great color if you use it well.  Have fun with it!

Melanie  Gibbs