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Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Space Needle, Seattle’s most known landmark debuted at the Worlds Fair in 1962.  It was painted a shade of what would be best described as Crayola’s burnt-sienna orange. The designers however called it “Galaxy Gold”.

The Space Needle hasn’t adorned that color in quite some time, but to commemorate the landmarks 50th Anniversary it’s going to its RETRO roots as it were, and being painted Galaxy Gold again!

And the paint I might add is being supplied by none other than Miller Paint. Proudly coloring your world since 1890!

Melanie Gibbs


Big things happening in the Seattle, Wa market for Miller Paint!

As we did about a year ago in the Portland area, we are taking over business operations of Kelly-Moore stores in Seattle. What is different is that we will keep those locations open.

Please check out our website… for more details and information on this acquisition!

Thanks for your continued support!

Melanie Gibbs


Proper Surface Preparation Ensures A Beautiful Looking Deck.

Spring time, Project time!  As it starts to dry out (as much as it can in the Pac NW in Spring), we start thinking of heading outdoors again.  Sitting out on the deck early morning with a cup of coffee watching the sunrise, or heading out for the ever loved barbeque!  We have to take advantage of the good days when we get them!

Now is the time to get your deck spruced up for just those occasions!  Cause what’s better than heading out your back door to enjoy your beautiful, and protected deck?

If you plan to stain your deck, here’s the right way to get the best results. First you may wonder why you can’t just go out and sweep off the dirt and get staining… Well, whether you have new wood or old wood there are 2 things we recommend you do, sanding and power washing. Both are recommended but sanding is always the best method to ensure a clean porous surface.

Dirt, weathering, and Mill Glaze are three causes of coatings failures on wood. They not only prevent good penetration and adhesion, but if you are using a translucent finish it alters the look you are trying to achieve.

The following instructions are for new or weathered uncoated wood…

First: Get yourself a basic garden sprayer.  Apply a solution of 4oz. TSP, 1quart of household bleach, and 3quarts of water to DRY wood, keeping it wet with the solution for 5-20 minutes.

Second: For the most effective cleaning, keeping the wood wet you lightly scrub with a synthetic bristle brush to remove dirt, mildew spores, mill glaze and old weathered finishes.

Third: Thoroughly rinse with a power washer @500 PSI, keeping the nozzle AT LEAST 8-12 inches from the surface. Doing this any closer than that pushes the water entirely too deep into the wood and can cause a lot of damage.

Fourth: WAIT 3 days after cleaning to allow wood to dry completely before sanding. Use an electric sander with 60-80 grit sandpaper for the floor surfaces and 80-120 grit sandpaper for the vertical surfaces. Hardwoods however should be sanded with 60 grit or less. Always sanding in the direction of the grain.

Fifth: Thoroughly remove all sanding dust with vacuum, broom or blower before applying stain. Any leftover will absorb the stain and prevent penetration.

You are ready to stain, so come on down to your local Miller Paint Store & get going!

~Melanie Gibbs


Spring Has Sprung In The Northwest

One of my favorite parts of Spring is the rebirth of color.  The trees start budding their leaves and blossoms, and the bulbs are popping up their sprouts in gardens everywhere.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, I appreciate it even more. With so many wet, gray days even throughout the Spring months, that pop of color amongst the otherwise sometimes dreary façade is especially great!

Hmm… makes me want to bring that feeling indoors! And so comes the inspiration for indoor cleaning and sprucing up!  Maybe do a little painting?

What color would you most like to bring into your home for the Spring?

Melanie Gibbs

Evolution by Miller Paint

It’s human nature to want to get the best bang for your buck.  So why buy higher end paint?  The number of reasons may surprise you! Paint comes in a variety of types specifically designed for different purposes.  Within those types, there are also a variety of quality levels.  So how do you choose which paint is right for you?  At Miller Paint CO, we’re here to help you get the most from you paint.


You don’t always save when you buy cheaper.

I’m as guilty as everyone else when it comes to reaching for the cheapest price without checking the facts.  Before you reach for that cheap gallon of paint, think it over…  How much is your time worth?  How soon do you want to have to repaint?  Let me share some facts that may change the way you think about paint.
Paint is made up of 3 main components, solids, binders, and liquid.  Within those components, there are different quality levels.  Cheaper paints use cheaper, less refined solids and binders.  The result is a paint that while it may do the job, you may use more paint, costing you extra dollars, and your paint job won’t last as long, costing you even more.
Higher quality isn’t as expensive as you think.

When you buy higher end paint, the benefits are almost endless.  You may initially put out more money per gallon, but you’ll use less paint, and with all those benefits come cost savings over time.
Here’s a list of some of them:
  • Better dirt resistance means less scrubbing resulting in longer paint life.  $$
  • Better Mildew resistance means less repaints.  $$
  • Better coverage means using less paint, as well as less time.  $$$
  • More refined solids mean less brush lines or roller marks.  $$
  • Thicker paint means less splatter, and less damage to flooring, and trim.  $$
  • Less chalking in Exterior paint means less repaints.  $$
  • Better flexibility in Exterior paint means less cracking, peeling, or blistering resulting in less repaints.  $$$$
  • What this means for you is that the extra $5 to $10 per gallon you spend in the beginning will save you a whole lot more in the long run!
Here are a couple of scenarios:
Joe buys bargain paint and paints the exterior of his house with it.  He initially buys 15 gallons of paint costing him $450.  His other painting supplies cost him another $50.  The paint doesn’t cover well so he has to apply a third coat.  He buys another 8 gallons costing him another $240.  After 5 years the paint starts to crack and peel and looks chalky.  It’s time to repaint.  Only this time he’ll have to scrape and prime because the peeling paint took the primer with it.  The primer costs him an additional $300.  Over 20 years Joe spends $3860 on paint and supplies and paints his house 4 times.

Joe’s neighbor Mike buys higher quality paint with a lifetime warranty to paint his exterior.  He buys 10 gallons of primer and 15 gallons of paint, costing him $1075 and spends about $50 on painting supplies.  The paint covers well, and he has more than enough to paint his house.  20 years later, Mike’s house still looks great.  He only spent $1125 on paint and supplies.  Mike saved himself $2735 and a whole lot of work!

Mary and Tina are both painting their kitchens.  They go shopping together and end up choosing the same color.  Mary buys the cheapest paint spending about $50 for two gallons of paint and some supplies.  Tina buys better quality paint and spends $90 for two gallons of paint and some supplies.  Mary starts painting and the paint doesn’t cover well so she heads back to the store for two more gallons spending $40 more.  Tina paints her kitchen with her two gallons and has a little left over for touch ups.  They both spent the same amount of money, but Tina was done in half the time.  But that’s not the end of it.  After 2 years, Mary has to repaint.  Her cheaper paint didn’t clean up well and looks terrible.  She spends another $90 on paint.  Tina’s kitchen still looks like it did the day she painted it.  Over 4 years’ time, Mary spent twice as much, and did 4 times the work.

In a Nutshell
So before you buy that bargain paint, ask yourself these questions:
How much is my time worth?
How soon do I want to repaint?
How much money is this really going to cost me over time?
Miller Paint CO. has a wide range of high quality paints to choose from.  Come into any of our Miller paint locations and one of our associates will help you find the best paint for the job, giving you peace of mind, and saving you time, and money.
Cherise Hiatt - Longview, WA


Select Miller Paint Store Will Be Open Sundays - Beginning April 15th


To better serve our Weekend Warriors  we are opening more of our locations on Sundays!

Starting April 15th, 2012 these locations will be open 11am to 4pm:


Alberta Street (Portland)

Ashland Street (Ashland,OR)


Corvallis – (Now open 10am-2pm. Starting Apr.15th will be open 11am-4pm)

Division Street (Portland)




Oregon City


Salmon Creek (Vancvouver,WA)


Andresen (Vancouver,WA)


See you soon on Sunday at a store near you!

Melanie Gibbs