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    Miller Paint Signed An Expanded Contract With MetroPaint


Miller Paint Company last week signed an expanded contract with the Metro regional government to buy at least 40,000 gallons of recycled paint per year through 2017.

Portland-based Miller will then sell the paint, which retails under the label MetroPaint, at 50 Miller Paint stores across the Pacific Northwest, according to Metro.

MetroPaint, part of Oregon’s nation-leading paint recycling program, is made at a Swan Island processing center. About 19 percent of the paint entering the recycling process is from Miller.

MetroPaint took in 328,000 gallons of recycled paint in the last fiscal year and sold about 44 percent of that as MetroPaint. Nearly $1 million in paint was sold in the last fiscal year, about a quarter of that through Miller Paint.

Miller Paint CEO Steve Dearborn told Metro: “It’s, first of all, the right thing to do. From our standpoint as a retailer, it’s been a positive addition to our line, and the colors work. For the customers who are looking for recycled paint, it’s been good.”


Miller Paint was the recipient of an Innovation in Sustainability award from Sustainable Business Oregon in 2010.


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