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Perhaps you’re ready but are a little weary of doing something like painting all four walls?  Plus, your’e not really sure what color you would make that accent wall anyway right?  Well change it up with a few small paint projects instead

You could try painting an old chair or small table.  Find an old mirror with a frame you could easily paint.  Maybe even paint just the trim and window frames, or an interior door!

These are all fairly small and simple changes that could really make things feel new again.  With items like the chair or table, don’t be afraid to use bold colors, especially if the walls and trim are neutrals.

For items like a mirror frame or even a table lamp you could try using some faux finishing techniques and products to give them an ‘antique’ or ‘crackle’ appearance.

The fact is that you can do so many things with paint, that doesn’t involve painting your walls!  The experts at your local Miller Paint stores are here to make sure you have the right products and give you the tips and advice to be successful with whatever paint project you decide to conquer!

Happy Painting!

~Melanie Gibbs


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