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Seems just yesterday we were seeing adds on television for “Dads and Grads” which tee off our summer.  How time flies… and you were going to paint your house this summer!  The challenge was that you have heard that painting vinyl siding is a bad idea and you never did do the research on whether or not you could actually paint it successfully.

Well, you can. And even though it’s fall there is still time to paint this year with the Indian summers we get. It’s actually better than summer weather to paint in. Usually dry with mild temperatures.

Before you jump up on that ladder there are a few things to remember.

You will obviously need the necessary supplies like brushes, rollers, drop cloths, tape, ladders and hopefully a couple of helpers.  But what is most important is prep and paint.  You will need to CLEAN the siding thoroughly, either by simply sponging it down or for dirtier jobs you’ll need to rent a power washer.  Let it dry for a few days before you attempt priming and painting.  As with any coating, the substrate condition is key for topcoat performance.

Use an acrylic paint, preferably one with a high build and good color retention like Evolution Exterior. Choose a color that is no darker than the original siding color.  The vinyl fluctuates by expanding and contracting a lot from the cold to the heat and back again, so if the color is darker it will exaggerate this action by absorbing even more heat and ultimately the siding could warp and the paint could crack.

We have all of the products, tools and tips for you to make your vinyl beautiful again.  So don’t worry, you can still paint this year!

~Melanie Gibbs


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