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Want your own artwork to be shown sky-high with (literally) a bird’s eye view?  Well hurry.  Because here’s what we’re calling at Miller Paint your Golden Galaxy Opportunity.

For the 1st time in 50 years, the Space Needle is awarding a very special opportunity to the public to design artwork to grace its’ top.  Winner gets a six month showing!

You know, at Miller Paint, we know just how great it feels to be 550 feet in the air.  That’s our creation, “Galaxy Gold” up there right now in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the 1961World’s Fair here in the Emerald City.  (Big thanks to Bob Kehoe from Omega Graphics who decorates this Seattle wonder with Miller Paint every chance he gets.)

So DO doodle, but don’t dawdle…you just have until September 20th to get your artwork to the judges. We’ve included the link for you below.

PS – Oregonians have no fear, you don’t have to live in Seattle, (just be a US resident) to have your inspiration live atop the Needle for the next six months.  And if things go as usual, it will be actualized in Miller Paint.  So get going…believe me, we’re your biggest cheerleaders!

~ Catherine Alexander



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