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I was recently driving south on highway 99 towards Oregon City, When I caught a good view of the Arch Bridge and I knew that it was going to reopen soon.  The bridge had been closed for almost two years for repairs.  The Arch Bridge between Oregon City and West Linn was painted with a special paint from Miller Paint.


On its reopening there were three days of celebration…

The people, who used the bridge every day, could use it once again. Their lives could return to normal.  All of the shops that were hit hard due to the closure can now have their customers back. You knew the good times were coming back, with most of the hard work being done, and a fresh coat of paint on the bridge.

The bridge is like our own paint projects. You could be building a new home, adding on an addition to your existing home, or you could just be changing the color of a room.  When you get to the painting part of your project, it is almost complete.

All the hard work is finished. You will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and get back to life again.

With everything looking great and a fresh coat of paint, the best is yet to come.


~Merle Rowland


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