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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Paint color can transform and revitalize your home. Color can be used to engage and create welcoming home environments. One way to do this is with proper proportions of different hues and shades of color. Color Guild advises on how much color to use when painting a room.

60:30:10 rule

It's about proportion and balance


The 60:30:10 color palette theory is one of the basic rules to having a harmonies end result.

Color is one opportunity where it’s OK to play favorites. After using a test board to decide which three hues will best complement the room, decide which color will be the dominant. Equal amounts of every color in your scheme will result in a spotty visual view. Even proportions of color surprisingly result in a more unbalanced look.

After choosing three shades, break them down into the 60:30:10 rule for a cohesive look — 60 percent dominant color, 30 percent secondary color and 10 percent accent color. This idea can be translated to the relatable cohesion of an outfit: 60 percent is invested one hue, unifying all three. The 30 percent provides visual interest, with shoes and a handbag. The 10 percent, the jewelry, provides the sparkling details.

So, when painting a particular room, divide the colors proportionally in this way:
60 percent of a dominant color
30 percent of a secondary color
10 percent of an accent color

What other painting rules do you follow?

~This post inspired/contributed by ColorGuild. ColorGuild, the global paint and color authority, is a member based organization serves as a definitive resource on color and coatings.  As a member of ColorGuild, we welcome their contributions and appreciate their opinions.


Miller Paint has teamed up with THANX to provide a new feature to the Preferred Customer Club. THANX is a reward program that’s simple, easy and secure.  AND you get an instant reward just for signing up.  After that, every purchase made to Miller Paint will move you closer to the next reward!

This app is available to not only Preferred Customer Club Members, but to anyone with an iPhone or Android.

Just another way, Miller Paint says THANX to our loyal customers!



Miller Paint

“Miller Paint Transitioning from Devine Color to Evolution Interior”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  For more information contact:

May 7, 2013 Tyler Tronson, Public Relations

Bradshaw Advertising


Miller Paint Company starts a beautiful COLOREVOLUTION

PORTLAND OR – On May 23, 2013, Miller Paint Company will unveil their newest interior paint color collection called COLOREVOLUTION.  Inspired by the artistic eye of landscape artist and Miller Paint founder, Ernest Miller, the COLOREVOLUTION collection is the most advanced evolution of color and quality in the market today.


Handcrafting exceptional paint is engrained in Miller Paint’s history and dates back to the late 1880’s when artist Ernest Miller decided to create a better paint formula.  After 123 years of producing quality paint in the Pacific Northwest, Miller Paint is starting a color revolution where texture meets technology and function meets fashion.


The dynamic COLOREVOLUTION color pallet is a collaboration of Miller Paint and five renowned Pacific Northwest designers. The color collection features 168 brilliant colors, with many of the colors selected from the old Devine Color pallet. The Evolution paint is the same formula as the old Devine Color, Miller Paint’s discontinued high end paint line.  Customers can expect the same silky smooth coverage without any spatter, and a luxurious depth of color that transforms your walls into works of art.  Just like all color offers at Miller Paint, the COLOREVOLUTION pallet was developed for the Pacific Northwest so it provides the symphony of warm colors that surround us in our beautiful part of the world.


“Every time we craft our paint and select colors for your home we make sure that an equal measure of pride and protection goes into every can,” said Steve Dearborn, President and CEO of Miller Paint Company.  “Evolution interior paint is our finest, most advanced paint and one that our Pacific Northwest customers will love.”


Customers can check out the new Evolution paint and COLOREVOLUTION collection in display racks in Miller Paint stores starting May 23, 2013.


About Miller Paint Company:

Miller Paint Company has been creating products built specifically for the Pacific Northwest since 1890.  Miller Paint can be found at any of the 49 company owned stores in Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho and at select private dealers.  For more information, please go to or contact us directly.



What makes a good home office? If you are one of the thousands working from home and you would like to spice it up, turn your home into a work-friendly environment with these tips.

  • Feeling blue. Blue is associated with the title of being the most productive color. Known to evoke mental clarity, blue will bring a sense of calmness while keeping your mood light. Blue is the perfect non-stimulating, relaxing color that is required to help you maintain focus during highly demanding projects

People tend to be more productive in a blue room

  • Orange goodness. Orange accents may be distracting for jobs requiring intense concentration, but is an asset for creative fields. Orange inspires enthusiasm and creativity, keeping you motivated during the day. Paint an accent wall with this vibrant hue or use orange office accessories to boost your mood.

Inspire creativity with orange

  • Mother Nature. Breathe easy with an office plant. These natural air purifiers bring a touch of the outdoors to your secluded space.
  • Let there be light. In a home office, you have the power to choose different light sources rather than glaring fluorescent. Take advantage of natural light when you can, but choose lamps with soft bulbs when that is not available. Be aware of monitor placement in regards to windows in order to avoid glare.
  • Keep it personal. Bring in elements that make you happy. Family photographs, your favorite books, travel souvenirs, are all welcome. Create a space that feels part of your home, not separate.

Keep yourself motivated and happy with these home office tips. This is your home, you have the option to personalize the room to suit your comfort and needs.


What tips do you have to create a welcome home office environment?


~This post inspired/contributed by ColorGuild. ColorGuild, the global paint and color authority, is a member based organization serves as a definitive resource on color and coatings.  As a member of ColorGuild, we welcome their contributions and appreciate their opinions.



Devine Sale


The time is almost upon us when we will no longer be selling Devine Color.

As you may remember Miller Paint will no longer be offering Devine Color in our stores.

May 22 is the last day you can purchase Devine in our stores, and until that time it’s 40% off while supplies last!

But have no fear! We do, however, own the formulas and we will continue to manufacture them under the Evolution name.  The paint in the can will be the same as the formerly known Devine Paint. Only the label and the names will be different.  You can still get the same colors, just under a different name of course.  We have created a color line by the name of ColorEvolution. The name to me encompasses the “evolution” that Miller Paint has gone through in the years past to get where we are today.  Which is more and more in the business of not only paint, but in the business of COLOR!

So come on down to any of our Miller Paint Co locations and get a great deal while supplies last at that price… or come on out after the 22nd and check out the new ColorEvolution! You are sure to find just what your heart desires!