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Push Leg, a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization, is a small Portland-based physical theater company.

About the Play:

Nighthawks, was inspired by the fusion of Edward Hopper’s paintings and Push Leg’s unique style, which combines dance, theatre, and clown to create original performances. Nighthawks is both intimate and epic. It is the story of a small town diner and the eccentric cast of locals whose lives and longings are the grit American dreams are made of.

With the inspiration of some of Hopper’s paintings and an assembly of an incredible team of designers to help craft the world of this piece. Drawing from the architecture and the colors in the paintings, it was a unique and exciting challenge to bring a sense of Hopper’s classical works to the stage.

The use of color, through paint, was a featured part of the design. Miller Paint is happy to be able to help contribute to community projects like this one when we can.

Here are some photos of a recent shoot of Nighthawks. Congratulations on a successful show and a beautiful set!



Nighthawks 2


Nighthawks 3


Nighthawks 4


Nighthawks 5


Nighthawks 6


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