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Sounds like something we could all use right? Less stress…

Here a some quick tips for decorating this holiday season.

Elegant Holiday Table -

Elegant Holiday Table -

I want my Yuletide outlook to be “Joy to the World.” Unfortunately, most days I feel more like “Mommy got run over by a reindeer.” This time of year is so busy and full of to-dos and parties and shopping and hosting and baking, it can be overwhelming. I have to intentionally remind myself that these are all fun things and should not be a cause of stress. When it comes to decorating my home for the holidays, I want it to be an activity that is fun and joyful. Here are some ideas on how you can make decorating for the holidays a fun activity rather than just another “to do.”

Alter Expectations
First off, there is only one Martha Stewart, and you are not her. I am not her. Only Martha can be Martha—so why do we kill ourselves aiming for perfection? Instead, let’s look at our life and be realistic. If you have young children, a crazy job, a health struggle, a sick parent—whatever your current life issue, acknowledge it and adjust your expectations. For example, if you have a toddler (or kitten or puppy), you simply cannot have a tree that is decorated with exquisitely gorgeous breakable ornaments, because those ornaments will all end up trashed. Let’s all give ourselves a moment and choose to skip decorations that simply do not mesh with our current life stage.

Since we’re going to skip certain decorating tasks, next up is prioritizing. Think about the decorating that really matters to you. Is it the tree? Focus on that. Will you be traveling out-of-town on Christmas and your tree will die? Spend your time decorating elsewhere in the home. Or decorate the two rooms in your home where you spend the most time (family room and kitchen, for example) and skip the rest.

Get Help
Shared hands make light work—so find extra hands to help you. Even if your spouse, sibling, parent or friend is also not named Martha, enlist them to help you. Crack open a nice bottle of wine, make some sipping chocolate or buy some local craft beer, put on holiday tunes and make the decorating more fun with some social time.

Remove Obstacles
Don’t try to decorate your home on a Thursday night when you’re supposed to take Susie to hockey, Johnny to Scouts and you have a board meeting. You’ll drive yourself nuts! Wait until you have a nice chunk of time set aside, put the kids to bed if they’re small and remove pets if necessary to reduce stress.

“Good Enough” is Good Enough
Again – is your name Martha? Is your last name Stewart? If not, remember that good enough is good enough. We all know (and tend to ignore) that the holidays are not about stuff. This time of year is about fun, family, friends, faith, and the wonders of life. Skip what causes you stress—so that you can focus on the joy.


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