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Monthly Archives: June 2016



Testing big swatches on your walls can be time consuming and messy. Swatches just give you a small spot of color, which probably won’t give you the best idea of how it will look covering a whole room.

Figuring out how to arrange your frames on the wall can be difficult, and choosing the wrong paint color can be frustrating. Avoid that trouble next time with Fittzy!

Fittzy is a new app that allows users to measure, decorate, and paint any room or exterior with the touch of a finger! Miller Paint colors are featured, allowing you to test out your favorite shades in and on your home.

Some popular uses of the app include:

  • Seeing how your current furnishings will fit into your new space when moving.
  • Virtually paint entire rooms, instead of using small swatches.
  • Turning your device into a digital measuring tape to reference room dimensions.
  • Sharing Fittzy designs to get input from family and friends.
  • Annotate your designs with notes so you don’t miss anything.

You’ll never choose the wrong color again, and decorating your space is made easy and less stressful.

Fittzy is currently available on Apple iOS devices but will be available for Android soon.

Download Fittzy fron the App Store here!