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In The Garden Of Color

Here’s a little Fall color flavor for this beautiful September day! Enjoy.



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This fresh and light, soft and sweet color of summer looks crisp and clean on walls or trim. Yummy!!

CE-Wafer -


Nothing boring about this creamy white!


I love this color. In a kitchen or half bath. In a bedroom or den. Featured-Color-Pink-Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit 1

Pink Grapefruit 2

Pink Grapefruit 3


This is a fantastic color. I’d love it in the Kitchen for a Spring pop of color. Or in a bath for a soft spa-like feel. CE-Star-Fruit

Get the look above with COLOREVOLUTION Star Fruit E0059.





Happy Monday Everyone! What inspires your color desires? Light and bright? Is green serene? Or do you find your happy place with dark, rich hues? I like to have a healthy balance of all of those characteristics to create interest and harmony in my spaces.


Happy Friday! Looking forward to the greens of Spring to return :D



Featuring a color not just for this season, but for all.









I absolutely adore this time of year. The leaves are changing into the most amazing tints tones and shades of orange yellow and red.

Bashful of our ColorEvolution collection captures this season perfectly for me. One of my favorites for sure!

Come by your local Miller Paint and see what all the fuss is about with ColorEvolution.

For Art. For Light. For Life.


Here is a cozy color combination to inspire your fall decorating!