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This is Golden – So long silver, gold is making it’s comeback. And with the ultra-sophisticated color gray too! Stunning to say the least. You see it in fashion and as wedding color inspirations all over magazines and Pinterest. We are also seeing it in design and décor inspiration.


From mid century modern to traditional and contemporary. Check out some of my favorite applications of this classic and trend proof combination.

I also like to see the variations on the combination with gray-purples and yellows. The complimentary colors are finding their way into homes all over the world, in your closet and in your living room.




In preparation for “Fall Back” time this coming season, let us take a walk down memory lane for a little reflection. This autumn, fall back in love with mid-century modern. With warm woodsy color combined with clean lines and geometry, what’s not to love?

Get this look with Color Is 0497 Restful Retreat by Miller Paint. Photo Credit

Get this look with Color Is 0497 Restful Retreat by Miller Paint. Photo Credit


Get this look with Color Is 0183 Moth Wing by Miller Paint. Photo Credit

Get this look with Color Is 0183 Moth Wing by Miller Paint. Photo Credit



Today’s mid century modern is a little cleaner than some decades ago with more neutral color palettes and stone accents as opposed to the bright and colorful combinations of the past. Clean and crisp and simply stunning.






Miller Paint is sponsoring two Color & Design Tours at this years NW Natural Parade of Homes in Vancouver. One is tomorrow at 11am and the other is the 17th at 5:30pm. Participants will receive a goodie bag with a discount coupon and a Miller Paint anniversary mug. If looking to do some redecorating this fall/winter and you’re interested click on the picture below to reserve your spot!

NW Nat Parade of Homes



Here is the fall color forecast according to Pantone. Love these hues.



And don’t forget, Miller Paint has an amazing crew of match makers… well, not THAT kind of matchmaker :) Our stores are all outfitted with folks that can match nearly any color you throw at them… but please don’t actually throw the color samples at them :) But do come in to your local store and see just how masterful they are at the art of color matching.


Here’s a little Fall color flavor for this beautiful September day! Enjoy.



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This fresh and light, soft and sweet color of summer looks crisp and clean on walls or trim. Yummy!!

CE-Wafer -


Nothing boring about this creamy white!


The trend is going back to neutrals… browns, tans, creams, grays and off whites. Drifting sand melts tan and gray quite nicely into a versatile taupe.


Drifting Sand 1

Drifting Sand 2

Drifting Sand 3

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It certainly is your Lucky Day… this green is simply perfect. Inside or out, it will bring a feeling of contentedness and calm. Good with white trim or wood. Light furnishings or dark.


Lucky Day 1

Lucky Day 2

Lucky Day 3

See how green can calm, refresh, rebalance and restore growth.


I love this color. In a kitchen or half bath. In a bedroom or den. Featured-Color-Pink-Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit 1

Pink Grapefruit 2

Pink Grapefruit 3