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Faux Finishing

Achieve Amazing Results With Faux Finishing

Extender for Latex Paint is used with flat latex paint to make a translucent glaze, or for blending more than one color on the same surface.  It extends the dry time giving the painter more work time to achieve the desired effect.

This type of glaze is used for finishes such as:  blending, color washing, sponging, ragging, or frottage, more commonly known as printing or stamping.

Extender for Latex Paint can be added to some tintable glazes and decorative varnishes for a longer work time.  Check with individual manufacturers to be sure the products you’re using are compatible.

Tintable Glaze is tinted with Universal colorant.  It is not mixed with paint.


This type of glaze is used for finishes such as:  marbling, wood graining, dragging, or over glazing.

Always practice your finish on a scrap of the same or similar surface before working on your project.  This will help reduce the possibility of costly and time consuming mistakes.

Need a fresh idea or just some pointers?  Stop by any of our Miller Paint Co. locations and one of our highly knowledgeable staff will walk you through your project.  Miller Paint Co. has an extensive array of specialty and faux finish products available.

Here’s a list of just a few of them:

Modern Masters

Ralph Lauren

Old masters





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