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Daughter is why

It’s National Heart Month! For the month of February, we’re partnered with the American Heart Association to participate in their Life Is Why We Give campaign. In each of our stores, customers have the opportunity to support their community’s heart health by making a donation to the organization.

The American Heart Association uses donations to fund research and education programs around heart health. This includes heart disease, nutrition, exercise, and so much more. There are a number of things we can do to keep our hearts healthy, from stress management to giving our bodies healthy foods and the nutrients they need.

Miller Paint loves helping our local communities, and together, we can work to improve our community’s heart health. No matter what your age, everyone can benefit from a healthy diet and adequate physical activity.

  • Be physically active.  You can slowly work up to at least 2½ hours (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity (e.g., brisk walking) every week or 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) of vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity (e.g., jogging, running) or a combination of both every week.
  •  Additionally, on 2 or more days a week you need muscle-strengthening activities that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest shoulders, and arms). Children should get at least 60 minutes of activity every day.


We hope you’ll join us and donate at the register to help fund the health of our community. Heart disease remains the No. 1 killer of men and women in this country. The American Heart Association works every day to change that. They believe that everyone has a reason to live longer and healthier and enjoy more of life’s precious moments – and we agree! We’re proud to help our community find their reasons for giving and helping fund programs that are saving lives every day. Everyone has a reason to give. The Life Is Why We Give campaign asks, “Who’s your why?”  If you’re comfortable doing so, we would love to know who or what your reason is for supporting  the American Heart Association and their mission to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.


News Release



Media Contacts:

CEO & President –  Steve Dearborn              President - Don Deno

Miller Paint Co., Inc.                                       Deno, Inc (dba Perfection Paints)               

Phone: 503-595-6732                                     Phone: 509-430-6558


Miller Paint Co., Inc., to Acquire Business Operations of Perfection Paints in Kennewick


Kennewick, WA – January 28 2015 – Miller Paint has entered into an agreement with Don Deno (Deno, Inc.) to acquire the business operations and assets of the Perfection Paints store located at 8818 Victoria Avenue in Kennewick, WA. Miller will operate the new location, while maintaining the high level of customer service that has been the hallmark of Perfection Paints for many years in the Tri-Cities, WA market. On Monday, February 2, 2015 the ownership and name of the business will transition to Perfection Miller Paints. There are no other major changes to the business operations planned.


The strategic alliance between Miller Paint and Perfection Paint is a relationship that preceded the design and construction of the new store on Victoria Avenue. The high-quality, well-known Miller Paint product line-up has been a recent addition to the Perfection Paint product offer and, along with the fine line-up of PPG paint and stain products, may be expanded to into other product lines that Miller currently distributes.


“The opportunity to combine forces with Miller Paint, a local, employee-owned company that has been a market leader in the Pacific Northwest for 125 years, since 1890, is a great chance for Perfection Paint to become part of a successful and growing regional paint company”, said Don Deno, Owner and President of Perfection Paints. Deno will assist in the transition to Miller as he turns over the day-to-day operation of the new store to his daughter, Julie Deno who will be the new Perfection Miller Paints Store Manager and to his Nephew, Bob Deno, who will assume the duties of Outside Sales Representative for the new Miller operation.


“The addition of the Perfection Paint store in the Tri-Cities market to the fifty (50) stores Miller currently operates throughout OR, WA and Northern Idaho will, again, extend Miller Paint’s commitment to provide their customers with the industry’s widest range of quality architectural and industrial paint and related products”, said Steve Dearborn, CEO & President of Miller Paint. He added “our plans are to continue to build on Perfection’s high level of service to both the professional and retail customers. Many customers may already be familiar with Miller’s extraordinary level of customer service, our high-quality products, our unique color expertise, and our warm and inviting stores.”


Perfection Paints is a privately-held company that has been selling quality paint and coatings products in the Tri-Cities market for over 25 years. Their new store is located in Kennewick, WA at 8818 Victoria Avenue. Website:


Miller Paint Co., Inc. is a 100% employee-owned company that has been manufacturing and selling the highest quality paint and coatings products in the Pacific Northwest for 125 years. Their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located at 12812 NE Whitaker Way, Portland, OR. Website:

Mural in action


We’re helping out an exciting art project in Portland! From their website:

Forest for the Trees is a not-for-profit public mural project in Portland, Oregon. The mural project promotes public visual expression; collaboration; and community engagement with contemporary art and the creative process. In August 2013, FFTT united seventeen artists from around the world to paint ten Portland murals.

This August, twenty local and international artists will come together for a week in Portland to paint more than a dozen pieces on public walls. FFTT aims to bring opportunity for local and visiting artists, and to share their gifts on a large public scale in Portland—a city already known as a creative hub and home to many talented artists.

Looking forward to seeing what will come of this project. If you look back on previous projects you’ll see the results can be fantastic!

To follow the progress and results, go to:

Denfeld-Miller Logo


Please join me in welcoming Denfeld Paints in Bend and Redmond Oregon to the Miller Paint Family of locations!

Big News! Miller Paint has entered into an agreement with Denfeld Paints to add the two Denfeld Paints locations in Bend and Redmond, OR to our operation. Starting April 14th, 2014 the two stores will join the Miller Paint family as Denfeld Miller Paint.

Find more details here: Read the news release

On the same day, April 14, 2014. Miller Paint is also opening a new location in the Spokane Valley to better serve our loyal customers in that region!

Find more details here: Read the news release



buy local in letterpress wood type

 In case you actually need a reason to buy local… here are 10 for you


Guest Blog Post by Independent We Stand

Although once assumed to be doomed to the dustbin of history, independent businesses are showing remarkable signs of renewed vitality and resurgence as more and more consumers realize the power of buying locally. What began as a preference for locally produced goods and services has evolved into an entire movement that is gaining momentum and influencing consumers’ shopping habits nationwide. If you still need convincing, here are ten reasons* why shopping local is beneficial to your community:

1.       Local Character and Prosperity

Independent businesses are what make a community unique and desirable destinations for locals and tourists alike. Communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage.

2.       Community Well-Being

Shopping local creates a sense of belonging in the community and encourages personal relationships between businesses, consumers and neighbors. Local business owners are also more likely to contribute to local causes. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses donate twice as much per employee to local charities than large businesses.

3.       Local Decision-Making

Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions.

4.       Keeping Dollars in the Local Economy  

One of the main reasons shoppers prefer to spend their money locally is the economic benefits of doing so. According to Civic Economics and the American Booksellers Association, Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales than chain competitors.

 5.       Job and Wages

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses accounted for 65% of all net new jobs over the past 15 years. Local businesses create more jobs and small business owners often value their employees more than larger companies. The loyalty between employee and employer that is somewhat extinct in the corporate world is still alive and well in independent businesses.

 6.       Entrepreneurship

Innovation breeds innovation, so the more unique independent businesses that exist in a community, the more likely other entrepreneurs are to put their ideas into fruition and open their own business. 

 7.       Public Benefits and Costs

Local stores in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls.

 8.       Environmental Sustainability  

Shopping local means not having to travel far to purchase goods and services, which in turn means less pollution. Plus, many small businesses make a concentrated effort to use green practices to become more environmentally sustainable.

 9.       Competition

A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.

 10.   Product Diversity

When you shop at an independently owned business, you’re more likely to find one-of-a-kind products that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Small business owners hand select the items they sell, which gives shoppers more options and a better variety to choose from.



Independent We Stand is a movement of locally owned businesses and people across the country dedicated to educating their communities about the importance – and strong economic benefits – of ‘buying local.’ Independent We Stand’s ‘buy local’ mission is sponsored by STIHL Inc., Chrysler Group, and Devoe Paint.  Each of these companies maintains a deep commitment to independent businesses through their dealer networks and business models.  As America’s oldest paint brand, Devoe has relied on independent businesses since 1754.  Devoe only sells its products through locally owned, independent businesses, rather than big-box chains.

To find and support locally owned businesses near you visit Independent We Stand and use the ‘local business search,’ or download the free mobile app for your iPhone or Android.

*Based on the Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally Owned Businesses from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance


Yep, we’ve done it!  We are now sporting a Pinterest page.  Join me and explore project ideas, inspirational images, art and oh yes, colors, colors, and more colors!!


Click on the logo to get to our page!



Visit to see the whole story and to view our new color collection!


Evolution represents over 100 years of perfecting our craft–the art of quality and color. Handcrafted right here in the Pacific Northwest, our paints are designed to reflect the unique beauty of our landscapes and to protect the unique elements of your home.

Feel the craftsmanship in the rich, thick textures, as you spread the art of paint on the canvas of your walls.

You will appreciate the superior qualities of these art-inspired textures and designer-selected colors in our exclusive COLOREVOLUTION COLLECTION.





You will love spreading this thick, creamy, texture, with ceramic-microsphere technology that hardens to create our most durable, wipeable matte finish ever.

Designed like fine artist’s paper to absorb and reflect the true tone of light and color. The perfect solution for bedrooms and living spaces. It’s flat genius!





This extra-rich, luminescent, low-sheen texture will fill your life with the soft, warm hues inspired by shimmering cascades & mountain meadows. The handcrafted-quality goes on like thick cream, creating spaces you will love to sleep, eat, dine, work and live in. For the art of living.





Driven by dedication to beauty, we designed this unique, silky texture to capture & reflect deeper tones and richer hues. Our superior quality, thick & creamy, durable wall coating allows for easy, low-splatter application with lasting true color. For the art of living.





Finish your masterpiece with ours–the finest semigloss coating we have ever created. The thick creamy texture reduces runs and hardens to provide a smooth, durable sheen that resists scratches. It is the best choice for doors and trim, and perfect for interior walls where extra durability is needed. Handcrafted for the art of NW living.




Visit to see the color collection, or visit your local Miller Paint Store to see the paint samples up close and personal!









Well, it’s been quite an experience here the last few months.  The new Evolution Interior paint is now in stores along with the ColorEvolution Color line.  Come in and experience the Northwest artist inspired colors in our best interior paint line…

Let the Evolution continue!






Miller Paint has teamed up with THANX to provide a new feature to the Preferred Customer Club. THANX is a reward program that’s simple, easy and secure.  AND you get an instant reward just for signing up.  After that, every purchase made to Miller Paint will move you closer to the next reward!

This app is available to not only Preferred Customer Club Members, but to anyone with an iPhone or Android.

Just another way, Miller Paint says THANX to our loyal customers!



Miller Paint

“Miller Paint Transitioning from Devine Color to Evolution Interior”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  For more information contact:

May 7, 2013 Tyler Tronson, Public Relations

Bradshaw Advertising


Miller Paint Company starts a beautiful COLOREVOLUTION

PORTLAND OR – On May 23, 2013, Miller Paint Company will unveil their newest interior paint color collection called COLOREVOLUTION.  Inspired by the artistic eye of landscape artist and Miller Paint founder, Ernest Miller, the COLOREVOLUTION collection is the most advanced evolution of color and quality in the market today.


Handcrafting exceptional paint is engrained in Miller Paint’s history and dates back to the late 1880’s when artist Ernest Miller decided to create a better paint formula.  After 123 years of producing quality paint in the Pacific Northwest, Miller Paint is starting a color revolution where texture meets technology and function meets fashion.


The dynamic COLOREVOLUTION color pallet is a collaboration of Miller Paint and five renowned Pacific Northwest designers. The color collection features 168 brilliant colors, with many of the colors selected from the old Devine Color pallet. The Evolution paint is the same formula as the old Devine Color, Miller Paint’s discontinued high end paint line.  Customers can expect the same silky smooth coverage without any spatter, and a luxurious depth of color that transforms your walls into works of art.  Just like all color offers at Miller Paint, the COLOREVOLUTION pallet was developed for the Pacific Northwest so it provides the symphony of warm colors that surround us in our beautiful part of the world.


“Every time we craft our paint and select colors for your home we make sure that an equal measure of pride and protection goes into every can,” said Steve Dearborn, President and CEO of Miller Paint Company.  “Evolution interior paint is our finest, most advanced paint and one that our Pacific Northwest customers will love.”


Customers can check out the new Evolution paint and COLOREVOLUTION collection in display racks in Miller Paint stores starting May 23, 2013.


About Miller Paint Company:

Miller Paint Company has been creating products built specifically for the Pacific Northwest since 1890.  Miller Paint can be found at any of the 49 company owned stores in Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho and at select private dealers.  For more information, please go to or contact us directly.