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Paint Disposal

Disposal of Paint Is Relatively Easy!

Oftentimes after a painting project a customer has unused paint, leaving them with a critical question. What do they do with it? Should they keep it for touch up or dispose of it? There are benefits to either choice.

Disposal of paint products has become significantly easier in the past few years. Oregon in this time period established a recycling program for unused paint called PaintCare. Customers who wish to dispose of unused paint just have to drive to one of the PaintCare collection sites and drop it off for FREE. Select Miller Paint locations are among these collection sites. If you’re having a hard time finding a drop off point call your local Miller Paint and they can direct you to a collection site, or go to and type your zip code into the search bar labeled “Locate a Collection Center Near You.” Additionally one can always check the Metro website to find additional drop off points.

Alternatively one can opt to keep unused paint for touch up. Nothing touches up your painted wall better than the same can of paint you used originally! There are several tricks one can use to keep their excess paint viable for the future. One of these is do not let your paint freeze. Storing paint in a heated garage or closet is an excellent way to prevent freezing. Another tip is to move your paint into a smaller container, like a quart can or two, if you have about half a gallon or less in your can. Changing containers is also a good idea if your can is rusty. Finally to preserve your paint you should consider storing your paint upside down if your can seals well. Wrapping the lid in cellophane and taping the cellophane to can is an excellent way to prevent messes in case your can doesn’t seal well. Practice these tips and your paint should be ready for use the next time you open the can.

Josh – East Vancouver