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Stain Matching

Visit Miller Paint For All Of Your Stain Matching Needs!

Oftentimes customers come to one of our many Miller Paint locations with a desire to match new wood to a wood color in their home. There are many types of wood and they all take a stain’s color differently. This means that if a customer wants a specific wood color for their home they MUST bring us both the color to be matched and a piece of the wood that is going to be stained. It doesn’t matter if the project is a deck, a door, or baseboards without these two items a good match is unlikely.

The next thing a customer needs is time. Oil base stains take 24 hours to dry. Therefore a store needs at least a day to make a great match.  Don’t wait till the last minute on a stain match!

There are other things to take into consideration when beginning a custom stain project. For example woods that have strong undertones, like cedar, or woods that don’t accept stain well, like pine, may require additional steps to achieve the look you’re searching for. Woods like pine that don’t accept stain well often have to be treated with wood conditioners like Old Masters Wood Conditioner or Benite to aid stain penetration or they may appear blotchy. Woods with strong undertones may require two separate color coats of stain to achieve the desired color otherwise those undertones can discolor the stain.

The final item to consider is whether or not the customer will clear coat the stain. Clear coats improve protection yet they slightly alter the stain color. Sharing whether you’re clear coating your stained wood with the Miller Paint employee doing your stain match helps ensure a great match for your home.

Josh, Tigard Location