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Not in the mood for giving out the same old stuff this holiday season? If your family members or friends happen to be of the do-it-yourselfer persuasion, try thinking outside of the box. Help them out with some great gadgets and tools for when it comes time to paint. There are so many clever items to make painting easier and more enjoyable.

Try sending some of the things on this list, and you’ll be thought of gratefully when it comes time for their next project.

Happy Painting,


Cutting-in tool. Often, the most time-consuming part of a paint job is cutting-in the corners and edges – but you can help your favorite painter cut that time in half with a cutting-in tool. Spring for one of the most efficient models to help him or her save even more time.

Masking tool. Another way to speed painting around edges and corners is with an automatic masking tape dispenser. Similar to packing tape dispensers, these tools let the painter quickly apply the tape and cut it to the desired length with a quick flick of the wrist.

Aluminum bench. When painting interior walls and ceilings, most do-it-yourselfers use stepladders; but the pros know better. A sturdy aluminum bench is easier to work from, easier to move, and makes for a more stable painting platform It’s also a handy place to sit down and take a break!

Short-handled paintbrushes. If you’ve ever done any painting, you know what a challenge it can be to use a brush or roller behind a toilet, radiator, heavy furniture, or in any tight area. That’s why the short-handled paintbrush is such a godsend. These mini-brushes make it easy to apply paint in those hard-to-reach spots.

Paintbrush light. Cloudy days and dim light make painting difficult. But a battery-powered paintbrush light – which attaches right to the brush handle – can counter the gloom, and light up dark areas to make painting easier.

Brush comb. Need another stocking stuffer? Why not a brush comb? This handy little item helps stretch the life of those expensive paintbrushes by removing paint residue from the bristles; some models even double as squeegees that remove excess paint from roller covers.

That’s the skinny on shopping ideas for your favorite do-it-yourself painter. Any (or all) of the above items would make his or her holiday season picture perfect!


In celebration of being on the eve of another summer… and much like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Summer’s Eve. 0120-Summer's-Eve -

Warm and spicy, almost like a good wine. Perfect for a dining room, or powder room.


These colorful kids’ rooms are fun, some a little funky, but more importantly they offer an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Whether you do it with colors, stencils, or patterns, it’s your creativity that will bring your child’s room alive. Let a gallon of paint and your imagination personalize your child’s room. Here’s an opportunity to try some fun, kid-friendly paint colors.



Don’t you love how paint transforms a room? Feeling inspired? Stop into your local paint store and let their knowledgeable experts help you with color selection along with practical tips and tricks of the trade. Support your local independents!


~This post inspired/contributed by ColorGuild. ColorGuild, the global paint and color authority, is a member based organization serves as a definitive resource on color and coatings.  As a member of ColorGuild, we welcome their contributions.







Painting solutions without the smell

For many, winter is the perfect time to turn our attention to indoor painting projects. After all, who likes to spend a beautiful summer day indoors? Well, that “great idea” for many painters is perfect until the first coat goes up and the scent of fresh paint fills your home and overwhelms you and your family. Not only is this a health risk for some, the odor can simply be a nuisance for others. Next time, remember, there are paints for indoor winter projects that won’t fumigate your family. Try low and no VOC paints, they are excellent for winter projects.

winter indoors


If you’re interested in learning more about VOC’s and why they stink, you can find your answers here. Our hope is to help you understand why and when to use low and no VOC paint in your home. According to Bob Shapiro of The Color Guild, most people choose low or no VOC paint because they can not tolerate the odor from traditional latex and oil paints.

“There are many who feel it’s a healthier paint,” says Shapiro and adds that for people with respiratory concerns it’s the best way to go. “When people have a particular physical condition – either asthma or even a sensitivity to latex, a low VOC paint is your best option.”

Here are a few items to keep in mind when working with low and no VOC paints:

It’s preferred by many professionals

Many professionals really like working with low and no VOC paints because of the potential health benefits. Today’s painter is much more health conscious and they find today’s low VOC paints to cover as well as the traditional paints.

Pay attention to the painting tools you use

The types of rollers and brushes you use matter, regardless of the type of paint. Sundry manufacturers have come out with new rollers and brushes that are designed specifically for use with low VOC paints. Remember, quality is the big thing when it comes to roller covers and brushes in general. And you don’t want a cheap roller cover with an expensive paint regardless the VOC levels. That said, be sure to talk to your paint dealer about the best tools to use with your paint.

wooster brushes


Low and no VOC paints have improved

In the past 5-years there have been noticeable improvements to low and no VOC paints. Shapiro adds that one of the most significant changes made for some paints is the move to water-born colorants. Often, not only does the base paint have VOC’s so too does the colorant. Remember, only when the colorant is no VOC can the paint be truly free of VOC’s.

Paint Disposal

Not only are low and no VOC paints free from strong odor, they are also a more sustainable product, so if being “green” is an interest, check out these paints and be sure to talk to your local expert who can guide you to the right paint and tools for your project.

~This post inspired/contributed by ColorGuild. ColorGuild, the global paint and color authority, is a member based organization serves as a definitive resource on color and coatings.  As a member of ColorGuild, we welcome their contributions.

I have translated Color Marketing Groups latest prediction for colors to be trending next year into our own color palette of ColorEvolution. Which is your favorite?




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