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Deep, highly saturated shades have been popular for years, but the palette that’s in vogue right now is just the opposite. Interior designers and colorists are favoring lighter hues that just tease the eye with subtle hints of color.

Vaguely reminiscent of the “pastels” of yesteryear, the light colors that are gaining popularity today are more sophisticated ensembles, often marrying three or more different hues to create soft color that is often hard to put a name to. Layering color in this way also produces some interesting visual effects.

Because the new tints are not pure yellows, greens, or whatever, many have a chameleon-like quality, shifting their appearance slightly when the light changes.

During the daytime, a wall color might appear to be in the pale green family, but at night, under artificial light, it may take on a yellow caste. Likewise, a light bluish tint might gravitate toward pale gray in dimmer light.

Because the new tints are so changeable under different lighting conditions, a useful recommendation is to apply some sizable swatches of the paint color to several of your walls and live with them for a day or two before fully committing to the color. That way, you can be sure you’ll like your new choice at every time of day or night.

The emerging trend to tints is part of the natural ebb and flow that occurs in the paint industry every five years or so, and this stage of the cycle offers some tangible rewards to those who jump on board.

For one thing, repainting walls, ceilings and woodwork in lighter-colored paint tends to “open up” the area, making any room seem more spacious.

Perhaps even more important is the psychological benefit that comes with a lighter indoor environment. Brighter surroundings can lift our spirits, no matter what the color. And soft tints derived from certain color families – green and blue, for example – have a restful quality that can be restorative after a stressful day.

If you’re truly serious about doing some interior painting, there’s no time like the present. Adding some light new paint color is the perfect antidote to winter’s shorter days and gloomier weather. You’ll be right in step with the latest trend in interior painting, and you’ll find 2016 to be a far brighter new year!

~Courtesy of the Paint Quality Institute:

Happy Painting!


This is Golden – So long silver, gold is making it’s comeback. And with the ultra-sophisticated color gray too! Stunning to say the least. You see it in fashion and as wedding color inspirations all over magazines and Pinterest. We are also seeing it in design and décor inspiration.


From mid century modern to traditional and contemporary. Check out some of my favorite applications of this classic and trend proof combination.

I also like to see the variations on the combination with gray-purples and yellows. The complimentary colors are finding their way into homes all over the world, in your closet and in your living room.






The trend is going back to neutrals… browns, tans, creams, grays and off whites. Drifting sand melts tan and gray quite nicely into a versatile taupe.


Drifting Sand 1

Drifting Sand 2

Drifting Sand 3

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I love these cozy warm colors… with the pop of turquoise it gives this a South Western feel.










Are these colors that you include in your decor? Or you leave them in the drawer? :)


Next in my series of colors trends are some vibrant colors reminiscent of spring.






Metal Hues are so warm and go with so many things. How can you bring these colors into your home? You can either bring in actual metal to get you started or maybe a throw or how about a warm coppery color like Sun’s Rage on your walls in the Kitchen instead of that red? I did that in mine and it’s fabulous!






Wine Lovers Rejoice!

December is the month color lovers all over the world look forward to. Pantone, with the help of color influences from around the world and the fashion and entertainment industries announces the color of the year.

Released to the media today via The Wall Street Journal



Marsala… Pantone’s official Color of the Year 2015. Yes, the beautifully soft yet rich wine, with the color to match, will soon be adorning (if it isn’t already) everything from rugs and furnishings, clothing and accessories, to kitchen tile and gadgets. This rich and satisfying hue, with it’s spotty red and brown makes it earthy and fulfilling yet softer than bold.



So all you colorful people, what do you think?