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Pink, has been coming to the forefront of colors over the last couple of years. It is showing up in holiday trends as well. Pink can be your go to color for decorating this season if you dare, instead of the standard red.

Center your palette on pastel pinks with highlights of brighter pinks. Pair with moss, olive, and hunter greens to bring a renewed taste to your holiday color scheme. Even simply pairing it with white and sparkling or matte finishes brings a classic feel.

Have fun this holiday season and step outside the box a little with a new take on holiday décor.







Yep, we’ve done it!  We are now sporting a Pinterest page.  Join me and explore project ideas, inspirational images, art and oh yes, colors, colors, and more colors!!


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Devine Sale


The time is almost upon us when we will no longer be selling Devine Color.

As you may remember Miller Paint will no longer be offering Devine Color in our stores.

May 22 is the last day you can purchase Devine in our stores, and until that time it’s 40% off while supplies last!

But have no fear! We do, however, own the formulas and we will continue to manufacture them under the Evolution name.  The paint in the can will be the same as the formerly known Devine Paint. Only the label and the names will be different.  You can still get the same colors, just under a different name of course.  We have created a color line by the name of ColorEvolution. The name to me encompasses the “evolution” that Miller Paint has gone through in the years past to get where we are today.  Which is more and more in the business of not only paint, but in the business of COLOR!

So come on down to any of our Miller Paint Co locations and get a great deal while supplies last at that price… or come on out after the 22nd and check out the new ColorEvolution! You are sure to find just what your heart desires!





There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut lavender in the summer. It is said to be stress reducing, balancing, soothing and normalizing. Lovely all year round!

The purple color of lavender is considered to be a cool color for its blue qualities, is also however creative and uplifting for its red qualities. This unique combination of warm and cool makes purple the perfect embodiment of those two colors from which it’s made.

Representing royalty and wealth in some countries, it is also the color of spirituality representing a sacred mysticism in others. Purple is versatile and can fit many environments.

Something fantastic about purple is that like blues and greens you can mix, match and combine all kinds of tints tones and shades of it in different patterns and solids and have them work beautifully together.

Come on down to your local Miller Paint store to check out the plethora of purples to play with!!

~Melanie Gibbs