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Evolution Interior

This fresh and light, soft and sweet color of summer looks crisp and clean on walls or trim. Yummy!!

CE-Wafer -


Nothing boring about this creamy white!


And now more on the Devine Color Story…


The Story to be told about Miller Paint and Devine Color


The story of Miller Paint really revolves around Love and Trust. Our love of Art, our love for Quality and Craftsmanship, and most importantly, our customers Trust.. …specifically the trust that our northwest customers put in our employee-owners…all 350 of them that own 100% of Miller Paint…to deliver on making your painting experience the best it can possibly be. That customer painting experience, which  starts from the time you enter our store, when the expertise and experience of our store associates takes over, through to the products that we develop, manufacture and sell…our goal is to provide a level of customer service, and trust in our products, so extraordinary that you will return again…and again.

Our love of art, as exhibited through color, is a bedrock of our company. Our founder, Ernest Miller was himself, an artist, who, in the late 1800’s earned his living as a scenic artist and mural painter. Some of those large mural scrolls that were the scenery behind the silent theatres of yesteryear still exist in theatre museums throughout the Western US.  Today we strive for the same artistic passion for art…and color for your walls, but the foundation of this love of art actually began with Ernest Miller.

But, in the late 1880’s Ernest Miller became frustrated with the inconsistent quality that he was seeing in the paint coming from the big paint companies in the East that he used for his murals…so, he decided that he could formulate and hand-craft a better paint. He began grinding his own pigments and mixing his own paint, and producing vivid new colors for his murals that hadn’t been seen before, by exploring color and texture and using people’s homes and walls as his canvas. Soon after, in 1890, as his paints he called Miller Paints, began gaining a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, the first sale of Miller Paints was recorded, and the Miller Paint Company was started. Today, when we talk about the quality we put into our products and the paint-making craftsmanship that goes into the formulation and production of Miller Paint, ‘Our Paint’, it all goes back to the foundation that Ernest Miller built.

As we move ahead 110 years, to 2000, the Miller Paint Company was a small Northwest paint company with a reputation of producing quality paint products …paint we sold through 12 stores (today, twelve years later we have 49 stores). Miller Paint always had a high quality line of premium interior paint…but we had not yet developed that “WOW super- premium interior paint”…one that our customers would recognize as the best paint product they had ever used. So, in 2001, we set about to formulate and develop a paint product so unique, so superior in its application…the way it rolled out silky smooth on the wall without any spatter, the way it hid and covered, and in the depth of color seen you saw on the walls…we were looking to formulate a product so superior to anything else on the market…. that it would gain a level of trust with our customers… to the extent they refused to buy any other paint.

In 2001, we formulated, developed and began selling that new Miller Paint super-premium paint product, under a trademarked brand name, Devine Color, that we licensed from Gretchen Schauffler, a woman who lived in Lake Oswego. Gretchen had put together a cool collection of 129 colors that fit the Pacific Northwest…for that point in time. Now, the human eye can differentiate between 20,000 colors, and we, through technology, could formulate those 20,000 colors in any paint that we produce. In April 2001, we put our new ‘WOW super-premium paint’ formula together with the 129 color formulas that we developed, wrapped a Devine Color label around the product, and launched the new product line.

Today, that paint formula….let’s call it ‘old Coke’ is the same superior-quality paint that our northwest customers love, and still refuse to buy any other paint on the market today….because their painting experience that keeps them coming back to the same product is, in the end, really about the paint….the quality and the craftsmanship of the paint.

In August of 2009, Devine Color transitioned ownership of the Devine Color trademark to a large national paint company based in Minneapolis called Valspar Corporation. In doing so, Miller Paint retained exclusive use of the Devine Color trademark in Oregon and Washington…where we had built the brand over the past twelve years; but, as part of Gretchen’s’ sale to Valspar, Valspar did gain an option to take the brand exclusively for its’ own use, here in the northwest also, if they chose .

During the past three years, Valspar, who is the primary paint supplier to Lowes home centers, has value-engineered a…let’s call it the ‘new Coke’  paint formula that they have been selling online outside of Oregon and Washington under a ‘new-look’ Devine Color brand. In February of this year, Valspar decided to exercise their option to take over exclusive use of the Devine Color trademark here in OR and WA, and, thus, would be in position to sell their ‘new Coke formula’ product starting here on May 22.

We are not going to disparage the ‘new Coke formula’ Devine Color paint product that Valspar developed and will soon be selling here in OR/WA…but we are of the opinion that the discerning northwest consumer that has painted with the product that they have known as Devine Color, will notice a distinct difference between the old Devine and the new Devine, and opt, again, for the product that they fell in love with in 2001, and have returned to again and again over the past twelve years.

For that reason…and back to the trust issue our customers have in Miller Paint, we will not be selling the Valspar-formula product. Instead, we are planning to re-invent, refine, update and re-launch the ‘old Coke’ interior paint formula that we know and love (and Miller Paint owns), and the color formulas that accompany them under a new Miller Paint brand that we also own…called Evolution. Coupled with the paint product will be a new, refined, and updated color collection of 168 brilliant colors…colors that were hand-selected by a team of northwest designers we will launch as the Colorevolution collection. Same paint, same colors available, but a new name for the paint (and the sheens) and some new color names….but it really still is all about the paint… that our customers love. Over the next two months we will be unveiling, and you will hear much more about the new Evolution paint and Colorevolution collection that will be in our 49 Miller Paint stores and at select independent dealers very soon.

So, 123 years after Ernest Miller began grinding his own pigments, and producing his own quality paints, the Miller Paint of today remains dedicated to our love of art, and our love of quality and craftsmanship, and most importantly, to the trust that our customers have put in us. So, stay tuned…

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Here’s a little more on the Devine Color/Evolution Interior transition…



Miller Paint

“Miller Paint Transitioning from Devine Color to Evolution Interior”


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March 18, 2013 Tyler Tronson, Public Relations

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Miller Paint Company severs their 12 year relationship with Devine Color

PORTLAND OR – On May 22, 2013, Miller Paint Company will sever their relationship with the Devine Color brand.  After 12 years of manufacturing and selling the brand, the employee owned, northwest based paint company will be cutting their ties.  While Miller Paint maintains ownership of all their paint formulas and color formulas, use of the Devine Color trademarks will be discontinued and the licensing agreement with the owner of the brand terminated. The owner of the Devine Color brand is Valspar Corp., a global paint company based in Minneapolis, MN who acquired the brand in 2010.


The change allows Miller Paint to expand and re-launch a new line of interior paint called Evolution, using their same Devine Color paint formulas with a newly-designed Evolution interior label.


“Even after 123 years, we keep improving,” said Steve Dearborn, President and CEO of Miller Paint Company. “Evolution interior paint is our finest, most advanced paint, and one that our northwest customers have enjoyed for the last twelve years under the Devine Color label. If a customer is looking for the best, they are going to love Evolution interior paint.”


Alongside the Evolution paint, a new color collection named COLOREVOLUTION will be launched providing northwest customers with many of the same colors that they have grown to love over the past twelve years, but updated and refined to a collection that features 168 brilliant colors. The new collection was selected by a group of northwest designers that includes fresh new shades inspired by the place we call home.


Customers can check out the new Evolution interior paint and COLOREVOLUTION collection in display racks in Miller Paint stores starting May 23, 2013.


About Miller Paint Company

Miller Paint Company has been creating products built specifically for the Pacific Northwest since 1890.  Miller Paint can be found at any of the 49 company owned stores in Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho and at select private dealers.  For more information, please go to or contact us directly.