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Evolution of Color


Well, it’s been quite an experience here the last few months.  The new Evolution Interior paint is now in stores along with the ColorEvolution Color line.  Come in and experience the Northwest artist inspired colors in our best interior paint line…

Let the Evolution continue!






After 12 years, going on 13, Miller Paint will soon no longer be able to sell paint or products associated with the Devine Color brand.

I personally believe that this won’t be of much consequence for us here at Miller Paint, or for you our loyal customers. As you will read, the paint we manufacture for the Devine Color line is of our own formula, as are the color formulas that make those Devine colors. We will not lose the ability to give you the NW colors you’ve grown to love, in the quality of paint you deserve! Minus the Devine Color labeling of course…

We will also be expanding our Interior Evolution line of paint with a fresh new “Evolution of Color” palette you’re sure to love.

The Memo below clearly states more detailed info on the subject.  Feel free to contact us for anything that may not be addressed here, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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