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jacob’s ladder


When Choosing Colors… Try Following Nature

A customer came in looking for a color to go with her medium toned yellow bed room furniture.

She wanted something bold and fun but it also had to be soft.  She did not want it to be another yellow.

We came across a color called “Temptress #1144” it is a melon colored rose.

It went well with her furniture which was painted in Miller Acrinamel satin finish the color is “First Day of School #0924”.

At first I was hesitant to say go ahead it will work, until I remembered a rose in my yard. The rose that came to mind is Jacob’s Ladder, a climbing rose.  The two paint colors are a close match to the flower.

I figured if it works well in my yard it might do the same for my customer.  I told her my thoughts, she was very excited.  She purchased two gallons in the Miller Evolution Matte finish and went home to paint.

Susan (the customer) came back a few days later with a photo. She was very happy and stated it is now her most favorite room ever!  Oh Happy Day.










Karen – Murray Rd Miller Paint