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Low VOC Paint


Introducing Climasan by StoCoat. Climasan is an interior paint that will neutralize odors in the air.  It uses VLC* (*Visible Light Catalytic) technology.  So as long as the paint is exposed to light, daylight or artificial, it will remain active continuously degrading organic compounds and pollutants in the air.

Cllimasan Attributes:

  • VOC is less than 5 grams per liter
  • High quality washable interior flat, so dirt and surface stains clean off
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller, or spraying
  • Use on both walls and ceilings
  • For use of plaster, drywall, brick and CMU (concrete/masonry block)


Climasan… soon to be found at select Miller Paint locations.



Painting a Baby's Nursery

Pink or Blue?

Planning a nursery to welcome that special new member to the family, is an exciting time, but can be stressful. Choosing what color to paint for the nursery shouldn’t be. Let us help. Whether there is a theme to the room, or is gender specific or a neutral color palette that can grow with the child. It is easier than you think. Just bring in an inspiration piece to your local Miller Paint Store. That can be a piece of bedding, a toy, picture or even a piece of dishware.

Pink and blue are still the most popular colors of course, but yellow and green are good neutral, non gender specific colors so the room can be changed easily when the child ages. Also painting the bottom or top part of the wall a different color, gives the room a fun effect. Some people choose to paint the lower half of the wall with chalkboard or dry erase board paint. Even magnetic board primer can be used and painted over with your choice of color.

Remember to have fun with this project. It is just the beginning of great times.

Miller paint has zero VOC primers and paint, also zero VOC colorants, so that the new mommy can help or just supervise.

We are here to help and make this a fun experience.

Darlene – Grand Avenue Location