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Open Floor Plan Paint




There are many advantages to an open floor plan—but figuring out how to paint such a large space can be a challenge.

When you’re choosing a color scheme for an open floor plan, start by thinking about the colors that you love—what speaks to you and makes you happy. Next think of the space and what atmosphere you’re trying to create—cozy and warm, cool and clean or fresh and light. Think about the furniture, floor coverings and other items in the room and your purpose for the space. It’s a good idea to choose your color so that it will complement existing furnishings.

When it comes to painting, there are a couple of strategies to follow. One strategy is to choose varying shades of your favorite and have the color change at a doorway, corner, staircase or other transitional spot within the open floor plan. Help the space look and feel cohesive by keeping the same color on trim, doors, windows, baseboards, molding and wainscoting.

A second option is to choose a neutral paint color, add one complementary darker color and have your favorite color come into play as a bright accent color. A neutral could be warmer or cooler beiges, various shades of grays, browns and whites. Your pops of color can be anything from a claret red to a sky blue, kelly green to a burnt orange, with pillows, throws, and other accents in the room incorporating the color as well.

Next, look at all of the options for hues, shades and tints within your favorites. When you have your top choices picked out, go home with paint chips or swatches and look at the colors at different times of day, next to each other and in both natural and artificial lighting.

When you’ve narrowed down your choices further, paint your top two or three colors on a large piece of cardboard or on a square directly on the walls in your home. Once the colors are dry, check them again in lighting throughout the day. That should help you finalize your choice.

For more interior paint tips, visit your local Miller Paint store—there are plenty of experts on hand to give you pointers that will help you create the space that’s perfect for you and your home.

~This post inspired/contributed by ColorGuild. ColorGuild, the global paint and color authority, is a member based organization serves as a definitive resource on color and coatings.  As a member of ColorGuild, we welcome their contributions and appreciate their opinions.