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Paint Your Door

Add Some Pop to Your Exterior By Painting Your Door

Change the feel of the approach to your home by adding a simple change of color to your front door. The trend of today is to do a deep red on your front door. In order to make YOUR house stand out among the rest, you can use a vibrant purple or a navy blue that will give your house the little something extra that makes it special. Of course you will want a color that goes with the rest of your house so that is where we come in. Bring in the colors to your nearest Miller Paint location, that are currently on your house and any one of our sales associates will gladly help you pick the perfect color to give your house that extra ‘pop’ it needs.

Of course you want to make sure that the colors you have selected are going to work, so remember to get a sample quart to make sure the ‘pop’ of color that you have picked out works with everything else around the door.  Or try making your house stand out by painting the trim around the door a bold color and leave the door a simple black.  This is very striking and noticeable.