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Red Paint

Spread The Red!

Remember in about the year 2000 a trend began with people painting Red in dining rooms all over? All kinds of reds were used… Maroons, Burgundy’s, Brick’s, Scarlets and on.

Red is energetic and an appetite stimulating color.  The perfect hue for dining rooms, AND in kitchens if you ask me!  This trend is still going, as you’ll find this color in dining rooms across the nation.

Still love Red? Spread the love by taking that love into other areas of the home too!  Red is found in many home styles from Asian and Country, Nautical and Tuscan, Indian and Southwestern. So the options are really endless!

Try Red in an office, for perking up your work. Red in a theater room for a rich and cozy ambience. Red in a bedroom can be nice too, but remember to be careful with how much you use here because of the stimulating effect of this color could keep you up when you need to be resting!

Red is quite bold, but with so many reds out there, there is sure to be one that reflects your personality even if your personality doesn’t fall into the categories listed before.  Picking which Red for your walls can be tricky. See below for a few tips on looking for the perfect one.


Maroon – A deep bluish red that isn’t as bold as a true red

Crimson - A lighter variety of maroon with bluish tones

Burgundy – Similar to maroon in depth, but with more purple tones than blue

Ruby – Slight pink undertone (think the gemstone)

Brick – Brownish based red

Scarlet – A brighter version of red with a touch of orange

REMEMBER!!! The best way to know how a color will look in any given room before committing to purchasing the gallons you’ll need for the job, is to sample it on the wall in a small quantity in the room FIRST! Then just have fun with it, and Spread the Red!

~Melanie Gibbs

Color Meanings & Symbolism: Red