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Sansin Dec and ENS Natural

Sansin Dec is designed as a rugged two-coat formula that penetrates deeply, protecting your wood from within. Dec enhances wood tissue with lasting protection from rain and UV exposure. Perfect for cedar, exotic hardwoods, Southern pine, pressure-treated lumber – whatever your deck is made of, Sansin Dec’s deep penetrating solids will protect its beauty and character.


ENS Natural is a powerful, exceptionally clear UV top coat that can be applied to almost any finish.


Get the best at your local Miller Paint


We carry multiple lines of Deck and Siding Stains.  Sansin is one of the most recently added lines of stain that we carry.  They are high quality, environmentally responsible stains for an outstanding finish product.tech_main_bigpic

We believe that with the proper preparation and techniques you are sure to have a successful ending to your project… and perhaps something to brag about!

To see more on staining your deck and/or siding, click here to visit the Sansin website to help you get the most out of your deck and siding!

Not available at all locations.  Please contact your local Miller Store for stocking information.