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Seattle Space Needle

Finished Space Needle
And FINALLY, we have a picture of the finished project.  The famous saucer in the Seattle skyline is now adorned by the glorious trees that we all know and love.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Thanks for staying tuned, and enjoy!



So… we recently told you about a contest open to the public to have your design painted on top of the roof of the Space Needle in Seattle in celebration of the Needles 50th anniversary.  Well, the results of the winner are in and the painting has begun!

The votes are in, and now Seattle’s Space Needle will be green.  TREES: A grove of Evergreen trees to bring the majestic nature of Washington’s state parks to the downtown skyline.


The winning entry was designed by Nicole Commins, 29, She’s a freelance graphic designer who lives in Seattle. Commins submitted this explanation with her entry:

THE EMERALD CITY!  Luscious green, as far as the eye can see.  Such a beautiful state we live in.  Having traveled to many different parts of the world, I can truly say that Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities that we live in.  The city is inspiration in itself. Picture our cities beautiful skyline, with its unique Space Needle, painted a top, beautiful, vibrant shades of green.  And what kind of green what you ask? TREES of course!  Beautiful Evergreen trees, as if you were standing in the middle of one of Washington’s state parks, looking up to the tree tops!  And what better foreground to have before the mighty Mt. Rainer in the background of this lovely scene besides trees?  Trees within our beautiful city. A stand out amongst Seattle’s, all too well known, grey sky. ”

Our fabulous customer, Omega Graphics is busy at work on the repaint, using of course, Miller Acri-lite Flat.  (It’s great for Seattle’s moisture-laden weather and can be applied when temperatures dip down to very very chilly.  This is same paint Bob Kehoe of Omega and his team have relied upon for decades to coat the top of our Seattle Icon.  We are super proud to be part of this fun endeavor…our Ballard store has matched all those fabulous greens you seen in the photo, and I’ll bet (weather permitting) that the Space Needle will be sporting it’s glorious new design by the end of this week!

~Catherine Alexander





As featured in Durability & Design Magazine Sept/Oct 2012

A little while back we posted about the contest to have your artwork displayed atop the Space Needle in Seattle for its half century birthday.  Here is a shot of the rooftop now as it waits for its winners graphics to be painted for its display that will begin October 21 and remain through April 21, 2013 which is the towers 51st birthday.  Even before that we posted about the good ole Galaxy Gold color that would again adorn the rooftop after years and years, mixed in of course our very own Miller Paint.

What you see here though was painted by one of Miller Paint’s customers, the owner of Omega Graphics Bob Kehoe, using our Acri-Lite exterior paint.  Bob is an amazing individual with incredible talent who, in his mid 80’s, is still going strong as the guy who does all of the color change and graphics on the roof top of the Space Needle as well as Qwest Field, Soldier Field, and large canvas’ like that all over the country and I believe in other countries as well.  He does all of his work from pencil drawings on 8 ½ x 11 paper.  As one of the last true artists in this field that does it the old fashioned way, we are proud to still call him one of our valued customers!

~Melanie Gibbs, via Diane Barry Miller Paint Burien, WA


The Space Needle, Seattle’s most known landmark debuted at the Worlds Fair in 1962.  It was painted a shade of what would be best described as Crayola’s burnt-sienna orange. The designers however called it “Galaxy Gold”.

The Space Needle hasn’t adorned that color in quite some time, but to commemorate the landmarks 50th Anniversary it’s going to its RETRO roots as it were, and being painted Galaxy Gold again!

And the paint I might add is being supplied by none other than Miller Paint. Proudly coloring your world since 1890!

Melanie Gibbs