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surfactant bleed

An Example Of Surfactant Bleeding or Leaching

It’s that time of year again where we all need to be thinking of many problems that can occur in the exterior painting world. Having a couple of customers that we have had to guide through a quick wash before the sun returns and bakes the problem to surface, we were able to avoid a non-fixable Surfactant bleed problem.  Surfactant bleed (leaching) is one that is caused from our Northwest’s climate and wet or damp conditions in freshly painted surfaces with latex paint.

Surfactant is a soapy substance that comes to the surface and is more noticeable in darker colors due to the higher use of surfactants in colorants. Remember not to panic if you find this problem on your painting projects. A simple rinsing when caught in time or added detergent with use of a soft brush can fix almost all problems. In non-protected areas rain can be the simple solution as well.

In all painting jobs planning is the best way to prevent mishaps like this. Living in the NW can however cause un-predictable scenarios such as Surfactant bleeding, but we here at Miller Paint are ready to help in any instance you run in to!