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Touch Up

I was recently asked by a friend for assistance on his home.

During the winter a tree had fallen and done some damage

to the house.

After the damage was repaired, the house was ready for painting.

The house was a light yellow and had been painted several years ago.

(I do mean several.)

He did not know what the color of the original paint was, and did not know

What to do. He did not want to paint the whole house. He only wanted to paint the damaged part.

We took a color deck and tried to match the color that it was.

Being a yellow, the color had faded.

We had decided that it would be best to paint the whole front. Instead of touch up we went corner to corner.

We still had to decide what would be the best color chip to match. Under the eves the color had not faded as much.

The left side of the house was lighter than the right side. There would be areas no matter what we color we picked that would not be an exact match.


The best answer would be to paint the entire house. Next best thing was to paint an entire side.

When picking a color with an existing color a person needs to be aware that the color will be off on the sides.

When picking the color out you need to be aware of that and find a color that will work on both sides of the house.

If you match on side perfectly, the other side may be off more than you want.

This way you will have no surprises.


~Merle Rowland