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Wall Coverings

Need a little inspiration in decorating this fall?  Fall is like all seasons in that it holds uniqueness in its colors and overall feeling.  Winter is sparkling and magical, Spring is bright and new, Summer is colorful and free, and Fall… Fall is warm and cozy!

This year we are hearing that big bold patterns will be big in wall coverings.  Don’t be afraid to go with bold colors either. They can liven up a room that may need an “awakening”!  Or stick with colors that may be more subdued but have a lively pattern.  Try using them like you would an accent wall with a striking color to catch the eye, or in a dining room below a chair rail.  Have fun with it. Grasscloth Resource Collection Wild Flora Collection

Many of our locations carry wall paper books for you to browse.  Whether you like bold patterns with metallic finishes, or natural fibers and grasses, find what inspires you!

~Melanie Gibbs