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Woman relaxing in her living room, focus on vase

Have you been thinking about painting this fall? Perhaps you’re in need of a lift? Whether it’s your mood that needs lifting or if you want to increase the energy and “lightness” in your house, yellow may be your color. Some research suggests that yellow can increase self-esteem and can strengthen levels of overall well being and health.

In Feng Shui yellow is the color of sunlight, cheerful and uplifting, it brightens any home or office with a breath of fresh air.  It can also create a cozy warmth with a welcoming feeling to nearly any room in your house. There are so many options to choose from whether it’s a bright and shiny lemon yellow or a pale creamy or buttery yellow.



If you’re just not sure about putting yellow on the walls, you can try a fun painting project with furniture, say your dining room chairs? Even small things with that yellow glow as in yellow colored candles, flowers, or yellow and gold colored crystals like citrine and pyrite can bring a little light into a dull, dark room.

So try a little yellow in your home this fall… it just may ward off the dark winter to come!


Color of the Month: I’m a Local| Color Is 0863

August’s Color of the Month is a great looking yellow with a fabulous name: I’m a Local. This yellow has life and warmth; it’s bold but not glaring. It’s really a range of yellows: mustard, goldenrod, or dijon that brightens and relaxes a room without feeling chaotic. This pleasant color goes well with the cool and warm shades of gray that are still so popular. It can be a neat wall color, but it seems to be trending more as an accent color. Trim on a drapery, a splash of color in a piece of artwork and on statement pieces like sofas or side chairs.



Color of the Month

I'm a Local on the walls

These walls are a very close match to I’m a Local.

Transitional Living Room by Little Rock Interior Designers & Decorators Tobi Fairley Interior Design

yellow basin sink

yellow couches

yellow door

I’m a Local is a great complimentary door color for a home with a charcoal exterior and creamy white trim.

yellow accent pillow and throw


Suburban Oasis by Kristina Wolf Design

I’m a Local puts a cozy, modern twist blended together in this snapshot with June’s Color of the Month: 0669 Frozen Stream.

How will you use this warm and local shade of yellow before August runs out?



~This post inspired/contributed by ColorGuild. ColorGuild, the global paint and color authority, is a member based organization serves as a definitive resource on color and coatings.  As a member of ColorGuild, we welcome their contributions.

In part 1 of our 2012 Color Guild Color Forecast posted on January 16th, we shared the Color Guild thoughts on colors from the reds, neutrals, and purples that have moved into the limelight for 2012.  All of the colors in the palette are influenced by nature, comfort, calm and harmony.  These themes, as mentioned, are not new but are showing in fresh new ways and in unexpected places!

In part 2 of the Color Guild’s 2012 Color Forecast we examine the blues, greens and yellows.

Color Is... 477 Ocean Cruise

Blues are soft and dusty, 477 Ocean Cruise is a perfect example of this hue. They are as comforting as an ocean breeze and serene as a calm day making them perfect for bathrooms and spas. Here they are paired with gray and beige marble tiles.

Color Is... 751 Green Glass & 932 Sun Splashed

Nothing is closer to nature than green and for the most part greens are warmed with yellow like 751 Green Glass. Or they can be soft sages or bright limes that coordinate with deep olive and bronze hues. Here green is shown with a tropical orange, 932 Sun Splashed.

Gold paired with Brown is still high on the list of best selling colors.

Yellow is a cheery hue, toned down to gold they are the core of many patterns, especially present in area rugs. Here gold is paired with brown, certainly not new, but it still high on the list of best sellers.

Visit your local Miller Paint location to see these exciting colors in person and to talk about the 2012 color trends!

This post was inspired/contributed by ColorGuild. ColorGuild, the global paint and color authority, is a member based organization which serves as a definitive resource on color and coatings.  As a member of ColorGuild, Miller Paint welcomes their contributions and appreciate their opinions.